Welcome to Flatten Tool’s documentation!


This documentation is a work in progress.

Flatten Tool is a Python library and command line interface for converting single or multi-sheet spreadsheets to a JSON document and back again. In Flatten Tool terminology flattening is the process of converting a JSON document to spreadsheet sheets, and unflattening is the process of converting spreadsheet sheets to a JSON document.

Flatten Tool can make use of a JSON Schema during the flattening and unflattening processes to make sure different types are handled correctly, to support more human-friendly column headings and to give hints about the spreadsheet structure you would like.

Flatten Tool’s main use case is to allow people to enter data into a spreadsheet so that it can be converted to a JSON document and validated against a JSON Schema. To support this use case it is very forgiving in what it accepts and prefers to output as much of the input spreadsheet data as it can to be validated by a JSON Schema later, rather than raise errors itself.


Get started by reading the Spreadsheet Designer’s Guide to understand the core concepts, how to use the flatten-tool command and how to structure your own data as spreadsheet sheets.

The Developer Guide (work in progress) will go into more detail about how Flatten Tool works internally, how you can use it as a library and how you can generate source maps that locate each value in a JSON document back to the sheet and cell it came from in a source spreadsheet. Source maps are handy for notifying users where they can go in their source spreadsheet to correct any errors.

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